Friday, September 7, 2012

What is really for free on your Blackberry

Below are a few important pointers when using BIS:

  • Browsing the internet on all RIM handheld devices is free, provided they use the Blackberry APN.
  • Browsing the internet on a Blackberry connect handset will be charged at normal Bearer charges. (eg. Nokia E50, Nokia E61, Nokia E70, Nokia 9500 Communicator/9300 Smartphone and Sony Ericsson P910i, M600i and Sony Ericsson P 990i).
  • Browsing does not include Downloading. Downloading is anything that you save to your Device or Memory Card to view at a later time.
  • Using the device as a modem will be charged  at the normal data tariff per MB and data bundles do apply.
  • You will be charged when streaming (eg. Youtube) even whilst using the BlackBerry APN.
  • You can disable the streaming function, uncheck (untick) the APN setting enabled under the TCP/IP settings.
  • To enable streaming, customers must tick on APN settings enabled.
  • Sending and receiving of Emails are included in your monthly BIS subscription.
  • When sending BBM messages to other BlackBerry device PIN’s that are overseas, it will also be free.
  • Certain applications eg. Facebook or Twitter, are free as per agreement with Blackberry.
  • Applications like Whatsapp and Mxit may be charged as there are no agreements between these application vendors and Blackberry.
  • Sending SMS’s (not BBM) is charged at the normal SMS rates.

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