Friday, January 24, 2014

Dont use Tablets when high on drugs :-)

Oh my goodness. Last week I was in terrible pain due to severe muscle spasms in my lower back. Dr gave an injection and prescription for some really strong medication and advised me to lie down for a few days. Right......
So what does this have to do with technology and phones and stuff?  Continue reading and you'll soon find out and have a good laugh at my expense.
While I was confined to bed and kind of high on the meds, (or like I love to call them, DRUGS) I decided I might just as well take my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and read some books that I loaded. But after about 3 days of just being forcibly "lazy", I started becoming a little bit bored and a whole lot of frustrated with my Tablet being too slow when turning a page or when browsing internet. I was just feeling crappy in general.
Soooooo..... I decided to do a factory reset and while I'm in TWRP, why not just wipe the System and Internal Memory as well........ BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!
I never even clicked somewhere in the back of my drugged mind, that I'm catching on a whole lot of crap. Yeah!
When I selected Reboot, I got an error..... Unable to reboot... No OS found.....   FUDGE!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, apparently, when you wipe the INTERNAL MEMORY, you are actually removing the actual OS as well. Pretty awesome hey????
Soooo, I grabbed my poor old Blackberry and started consulting my most awesome teacher in the whole world, galaxy, and universe. Mr Google......
And I just started getting more and more confused and started feeling all kinds of stupid in every imaginable way.
Back at work this week I told my Android Hero, Pieter, what I did, and he just seemed so calm about the whole thing and told me its ok. I just need to download a couple of files, connect the Tablet via USB to the laptop, reinstall the Firmware and Bob's your uncle.
Soooo I downloaded the necessary Drivers, the ODIN software for my laptop and the latest Firmware for my specific Tablet. No problem........
Yeah right. When everything was ready and I connected the Tablet to the laptop, nothing happened. No USB device detection, NOTHING! No shit Sherlock. NOTHING HAPPENED!
So back at work the next day (taking everything with me to work) I borrowed a USB cable from someone else and guess freaking what! Apparently Bob is my uncle.... LOL!!!
Device drivers start installing and things start looking pretty straight forward, but NOOOOOO! MTP driver installation failed. So I ended up downloading WMP11. That seemed to sort out another little hickup in my life.
I opened ODIN and followed all the instructions step by step until the Firmware was done installing and then rebooted automatically, and got stuck while booting. REALLY?????  Have I not had enough hickups already??????
My awesome Android Hero gave me a few tips, and eventually we got it right.
All I had to do was go back in ODIN on the tablet, go into recovery mode, do a Factory Reset and Wipe the Cache, and Reboot. Oh joy to the world! I got my Tablet to boot up. Yay!!!!!
When this Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1v came out originally, it had Honeycomb on it, but my Android Hero rooted the tablet after he got it and I bought it over from him as is. I now have Icecream Sandwich on it and at the moment I'm just glad to be able to read my books, check my Facebook and publish this blog entry.
Everything looks different and it will take some time getting used to this new look. But for now, I'm staying away from DRUGS and Factory Resets.