Monday, July 23, 2012

Blackberry App World Issue

Certain BB Subs are experiencing problems connecting to the internet after updating to the new app world.
Rim working on fix to release with a new update of App World.
Please try these following procedure to resolve the issue for the specific client. Please note that these steps are no guarantee that the problem will be fix but has been successful with most subscribers and therefore please advise client of the fix to be released with next App world update.

-       Please remove the Blackberry ID application under the installed application list.
-       Do not reboot the handset. Go to the BB App world application.
-       Select an application and downloaded it.
-       It will ask for your BB ID. Please enter it with password; this will start the    download of the application.
-       Restarted/Rebooted the handset
-       Open the BB app world application again, it will ask you to install the Blackberry ID application.
-       Install the BB ID and reboot once again.
-       Once rebooted, open the app world application and select to any application to download.
-       It will request user ID and password
-       You will receive confirmation that the Blackberry ID will be associated to this device and then it will download the update.

What we have found to also work is if client deletes the application and if there is a Wi-Fi hotspot available at clients location then to download app world via the Wi-Fi connection. If no Wi-Fi connection then the only option would be to perhaps use an internet café or nearest venue that offers a hotspot connection or wait for the fix to be provided by RIM.
There would be no need for faults to be logged.

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