These days, nearly everyone owns a tablet. But did you know they can be used for more than just games and surfing websites while in bed? Here are some nifty things you can do with your iPad 3.

Use it as a second monitor
Why buy another monitor when your iPad 3 can multi task? Use the Air Display app, available from iTunes at US$9.99, to connect to your Mac or Windows computer via wi-fi.

Have the weather forecast
This weather app is straightforward when it comes to laying the facts out, but also looks great on the new display, with its animated background that reflects the current weather. It costs just $0.99 on iTunes.

Sure, Apple’s minimalist approach is great, but you want something that can make your iPad stand out from the crowd. Try Pimp Your Screen, an ultra-customisable, $0.99 app.

Read a book
The iPad comes with a built-in e-book reader that can link up to the iBookstore! With over 700,000 books, we’re not thinking of running to any brick-and-mortar stores anytime soon.

Be a DJ
Yeah, don’t waste your time auditioning for radio stations or trying to get into clubs when you can just download a multi-touch turntable app for the iPad. J You can also play it online.

Cook with it
Find it hard to peer at little recipes while in the kitchen? Watch a how-to video on your iPad while chopping up those scallions, or keep a recipe open at the largest text size possible.

Play music
You can get an entire band going if your mates have iPads too. Just boot Garage Band up, and have each person take an instrument.